Hibernate Interview Questions

  1. What is Hibernate
  2. What is the difference between hibernate 2.0 and 3.0
  3. Where is Hibernate used
  4. What are the advantages of using Hibernate
  5. What are the disadvantages of using Hibernate
  6. What are the databases supported by Hibernate
  7. Explain ORM
  8. What Does Hibernate Simplify?
  9. Explain Hibernate Architecture
  10. What are the types of Hibernate instance states ?
  11. What is the need for Hibernate xml mapping file?
  12. What are the most common methods of Hibernate configuration?
  13. What are the important tags of hibernate.cfg.xml?
  14. What are the Core interfaces are of Hibernate framework?
  15. What role does the Session interface play in Hibernate?
  16. What role does the SessionFactory interface play in Hibernate?
  17. What is the general flow of Hibernate communication with RDBMS?
  18. What is Hibernate Query Language (HQL)?
  19. How do you map Java Objects with Database tables?
  20. What’s the difference between load() and get()?
  21. Explain update(), saveOrUpdate(), lock(), merge()
  22. How do you define sequence generated primary key in hibernate?
  23. Define cascade and inverse option in one-many mapping
  24. What do you mean by Named SQL query?
  25. How do you invoke Stored Procedures?
  26. Explain Criteria API
  27. Define HibernateTemplate
  28. What benefits does HibernateTemplate provide?
  29. How do you switch between relational databases without code changes?
  30. If you want to see the Hibernate generated SQL statements on console, what should we do?
  31. What are derived properties?
  32. What is component mapping in Hibernate?
  33. What is the difference between sorted and ordered collection in hibernate?
  34. Difference between Hibernate, EJB and JDBC
  35. What are the Collection types in Hibernate ?
  36. What are the ways to express joins in HQL?
  37. Define cascade and inverse option in one-many mapping?
  38. What is Hibernate proxy?
  39. How can Hibernate be configured to access an instance variable directly and not through a setter method ?
  40. How can a whole class be mapped as immutable?
  41. What is the use of dynamic-insert and dynamic-update attributes in a class mapping?
  42. What do you mean by fetching strategy ?
  43. What is automatic dirty checking?
  44. What is transactional write-behind?
  45. What are Callback interfaces?
  46. What are the types of inheritance models in Hibernate?

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